Frequently asked questions - and their answers:

Can I use SilverCart without other software?

No. SilverCart is an ecommerce module for the CMS SilverStripe. It is based on the PHP framework Sapphire and depends on other SilverStripe modules. Don't worry, our download packages contain everything you need.

Is SilverCart free?

Yes, it's free. The core modules of SilverCart are free and licensed under LGPL. Some complex modules though are only available in conjunction with a maintenance contract to ensure ongoing support and development.

Can I extend SilverCart with new functions?

Yes. The ability to quickly extend the functionality of our ecommerce software is one of the core principles and the main reason we decided to go with the SilverStripe. We use SilverCart exclusively for our ecommerce projects, so we will take care to keep it as flexible as possible.

What about the system requirements of SilverCart?

You will need a web server to run SilverCart. Even though shared hosting is possible, we strongly recommend a dedicated, optimized server or virtual machine with a LAMP or LEMP stack with PHP 5.5.0+ and MySQL 5.0+. We offer optimized hosting plans ranging from shared hosting to a high availability cluster for your SilverStripe project.

I have questions and need help with SilverCart. What are my options?

We won't let you down and will try everything to help you out. Our support options:

  • free email support
  • free support in our forums
  • paid phone support
  • paid remote support via ssh or screensharing
  • paid on-site support / training for developers or
  • paid off-site training for developers for shop owners
  • paid customizing / development 
  • paid maintenance contract to keep you online store up-to-date

From all the options listed above, we'll make sure to find the right mix for you.