• Successful online stores with SilverCart

    Create stunnung online stores with SilverCart.
  • More than 10 years of eCommerce experience

    We launched our first ecommerce project in 2003. And today we're still launching projects with growing passion.
  • Powerful interfaces

    Connect easily with ERP-Systems, payment providers and marketplaces like amazon.
  • Standard or tailored to your needs.

    SilverCart adapts to your requirements: Sarting small and going big - no problem with SilverCart and our services.

E-Commerce Module for the Silverstripe CMS Framework

  1. can be used stand-alone or be integrated easily into any website
  2. modular design for efficient customization
  3. uses the powerful API of the SilverStripe Sapphire-Framework
  4. easy import & export, powerful webservice API
  5. flexible Shipping and payment modules
  6. powerful product management
  7. NEW Templates based on the Bootstrap-Framework
  8. Open Source Software, backed up by experienced developers

Showcased project: PourLaTable

PourLaTable offers tableware and fancy stuff for cooking, serving and dining. Currently there are more than 2.000 products at least 100 article groups available. Payment is possible by prepayment and PayPal. Mind you, it runs in a shared hosting environment along with other SilverStripe installations, not on a dedicated server. Hosting is also provided by pixeltricks.de



Just a few example of our previous work:

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A word from the creators

With each commit we are continously trying to make SilverCart the best e-commerce module for SilverStripe.

Ramon KupperManaging Director and founder of pixeltricks GmbH, the company behind SilverCart