SilverCart is eCommerce software, built with the SilverStripe Framework.

SilverCart is an Open Source E-Commerce Framework for the SilverStripe CMS. It helps you create flexible and stunning online stores that will grow and adapt to your needs.

The driving force behind SilverCart is pixeltricks GmbH, a german web development and hosting company.

We have been doing web development and especially e-commerce websites for more than 5 years already as a company, with our founder having more than 10 years of web experience. During this period, we realised that the needs of our customers - businessmen who own and run webshops - have changed. Today, a webshop must be seamlessly integrated into the website. Content, community and store go hand in hand and are more alike to a portal nowadays. 

Enhancing an existing webshop with a cms and a forum would have been a possible route for us to go. During some projects, we merged SilverStripe with a commercially licensed webshop and wrote several classes to integrate these tools. It worked quite well, but it did not feel right. Of course not, we still had to handle 2 completely different tools and more often than not, a new revision or update demanded for extra sprints to make it all work again.

It became obvious, that 'time to market' is crucial and that we had to be more flexible. (No big news here, the idea of "Rapid Application Development" is older than the web itself)

This was the time, when we came to the conclusion that the far better approach would be to create a new eCommerce software with the SilverStripe Framework from scratch. A software, that is tailor made and custom fitted to our needs.

We hope that SilverCart also is just right for you.