We are almost done: SilverCart 1.3

As you might know, we started working on SilverCart 1.3 in January. Some weeks ago, we were done with the features and started with testing and quality assurance. We also opened a thread in the forum to gather invaluable information from community members for the beta version.

Since we have already updated several older e-commerce projects to SilverCart 1.3 and also have some new SilverStripe + SilverCart webshop projects we are working on right now, we are very confident that SilverCart 1.3 will be the best SilverCart ever.

Especially the all new support for multilanguage webshop installations required a major rewrite of large parts of the SilverCart core and all of the modules. Oh, and of course the product variations, and...

We can't wait to officially release SilverCart 1.3, the ecommerce module for SilverStripe.  Stay tuned!