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The wait for SilverCart for SilverStripe 3 will soon be over!

Yes, you heard that one before. I bet you are waiting for SilverCart, our ecommerce module for SilverStripe 3. To be honest, SilverCart 3 is practically done since early 2014, because around that time we launched the first project with the new version of our shopsoftware for SilverStripe 3.

Meanwhile, we use it exclusively for new projects and it has also been shipped to a few selected developers. 

What happened?

To make a long story short - just like the human body stops pumping blood into non-vital organs and extremeties when being in a state of shock, we decided to focus all our energy on our clients and their online stores to keep their businesses going and growing.

Accepting the fact that there is only so much work I can get done without burning out in the long run and deciding to completely ditch projects (like our server control panel SilverControl) was a hard lesson to be learned.

What happens next?

First, I will update the website. I already started to update the design and the underlying 2.4 SilverStripe to version 3.2, but the website needs more love and care. The german documentation for SilverCart 3 is about 75% done. This has to be finished and translated to english. Meanwhile, Sebastian will polish the code of our ecommerce module and re-work the hosted demo. After that, everything is prepared to officially release SilverCart.

We decided to change the model of our hosted demo, but have not met a final decision yet. Most likely the hosted demo will be a paid web hosting package on our SilverStripe / SilverCart optimized server cluster with a self terminating free 30-day trial. I hate automatic contract extensions - unless they really make sense.

Lesson learned?

The official release date for SilverCart will be on We will absolutely never ever talk about release dates again. Even though I never liked the phrase but it's done when it's done.

PS: We decided to skip version 2 and succeed with version 3 to reflect the SilverStripe version this release supports. So, with the upcoming SilverStripe 4 we'll work on SilverCart 4. SilverCart will of course remain open source software, but some modules will only be available in conjunction with a maintenance contract to assert professional support and updates.