The curse of knowledge

For our internal projects we use a modified SilverStripe repository (Mercurial FTW!) with all the modules we use in our daily work. To kickstart a project, all I have to do is to clone the repo and make same individual adjustments relating developer, project and customer. This is literally a no brainer.

But not everybody does like we do...

In order to simulate a plain installation of SilverCart from scratch (that is, including SilverStripe itself + all modules) I realized, that this is quite a complex endeavour. Fortunately Roland was procrastinating online to guide me through various steps.

In the process, it became obvious that the curse of knowledge had already haunted us. As a first response, we put in some additional information and straightened out some ambigious instructions.

We also came to the conclusion, that the backend configuration deservers more attention, and especially some neat pictures (or even a screencast) would make things much, much easier.

Finally, a ready-to-run bundle, including SilverStripe, SilverCart and ALL necessary modules would also be a great idea for everyone with a lower frustration threshold.

We try our best to improve SilverCart each day and we appreciate your feedback.

What do you think?