SilverCart version 1.3 is released

A few minutes ago Sebastian tagged SilverCart 1.3! As there are so many new features and enhancements, this took us quiet some time to release. The most important feature is the full multilingual support. Have a look at the facts:


  • Widget system is overhauled with many new widgets: Slidorion, image slider, search query cloud, product group navigation
  • Redesign of the admin panel which is more muser friendly now
  • Full multilingual support
  • Added dutch translation (community contribution)
  • Print options in front and backend that create a PDF file
  • Batch actions for products (eg print)
  • Added a page type that displays a simple site map
  • Dropdown field to change frontend language
  • Added cli controller to execute updates with sake
  • Added page type to display active payment methods
  • Widgets can be assigned to products
  • Relations can be made easily with an autocomplete field using any attribute (eg assigning products to a product group )
  • SilverCart extendable with new group views ( three column, four colum )
  • Print button for product detail view
  • Meta data is filled automatically when no values are set
  • Russian translation
  • Added behat/mink testing framework (seperate module)
  • SEO tab on SiteConfig (possibility to add google analytics, google webmaster and piwik tracking code)
  • Basic integration for SocialMedia Links in SiteConfig


  • New class SilvercartTools that provides many static functions for common tasks
  • A shipping method can now be configured to be customer group dependant
  • Added post pricing attribute to shipping fees to declare a shipping fees pricing as manually set after order
  • Pricetype is now editable on a customer group
  • Added cms actions to create translation templates for any language for every page of the SiteTree by one click
  • Added cms action to publish all pages of a SiteTree in a specific translations context by one click
  • Added possibility to set css extra classes for all widgets
  • Added action to mark/unmark all visible entries of a backend table
  • SearchResultsPage extends ProductGroupPage now to provide consistent behavior of template rendering and prevending redundant code
  • Better performance in frontend and backend
  • Default layout is improved and more compact
  • CMS field IdentifierCode is only available for admins
  • Product groups can be configured to show no products
  • First shipping method is now preselected in checkout
  • Product group content will only be displayed on first page now
  • Added link to lost password page
  • A payment method can now be restricted to shipping methods
  • Any number of countries may be defined to be free of shipping costs
  • non administrative members can now be added to an administrative group by an admin
  • Added SilvercartFileIFrameField to get a more configurable file upload field
  • Price amount of a shipping fee is now extendable by decorator
  • Added canonical link meta tag to mirrored product views
  • Added editable table list field to execute batch actions onto a selection set out of the fields entries (order status change, print html, print pdf, export dhl easylog, ...)
  • Added task to export dataobjects as XML
  • Added SilvercartDownloadPageHolder and DownloadPage to Display multiple downloads in frontend
  • Widgets can be sorted by drag&drop
  • Added parameter to use short filenames for sake controlled XML export


  • Meta info now gets displayed correctly
  • Fixed missing address accessor mehtods in SilvercartOrderDetailPage_Controller
  • Fixed broken search function in product detail page, order detail page and address detail page
  • Less clicks needed to append a file or an image to a product
  • Reorderd last checkout step to meet new german law requirements
  • Fixed tax calculation of an orders shipping fee
  • Fixed payment methods displayed on payment methods page for anonymous customers
  • Prevented sending emty emails in SilvercartShopEmail
  • Fixed product import routine
  • Removed all HTMLText fields from widgets because they do not save their values correctly
  • Fixed fatal crash when the system tries to delete a cart position related to an already deleted product

Corefixes (change to SilverStripe)

  • Added possibility to overwrite restrictFields of CMS fields params by decorator. DataObject.php has to be modified to do that hg push! This is needed to provide a working ModelAdmin for Member when handling with many Customer/Address/ShoppingCart objects
This version of SilverCart is the best we ever had and we use it in almost all of our projects. It is also a result of community feedback. We are happy that our SilverCart community is constantly growing.

New Modules for SilverCart

We have some new modules that are compatible with SilverCart 1.3 only. Get them via our BitBucket repositories.

Customer Ratings

This module allows to add a customer rating to a product.

Groupview modules

The modules groupview fourtile and groupview threetile expand the product presentation options selectable by the user. Defaultly we had tile and list view.


With many product groups a horizontal navigation  will come to its limits. The megamenu module brings an interactive menu powered by javascript.


This module provides an interface to the german Händlerbund, which is a federation for legal affairs for online resellers.


Protectedshops provides third part ratings and a trust certificate for your shop.

Cross selling

A new widget for products and product groups that shows cross selling products. These may be defined manually or automatically based on your sale statistics.

Latest products

Provides a widget that displays a configurable number of new products.


This module allows to add voucher rebates (absolute and relative) to SilverCart.

PDF invoice

Automatically creates PDF invoices for orders.


Payment method for cash on delivery.

Product attributes

Provides attributes for products and a widget to filter by attributes on product group pages.


Provides base price calculation for products. This is necessary due to EU laws.

Graduated prices

This module brings rabates depending on customer groups and product quantity.

Product variants

This module allows to add product variants to your SilverCart installation.

Freight groups

This module lets you define freight / cargo groups to restrict shipping methods to defined groups. A freight grooup can be related with a product, so you can define a product to be shipped by forwarding independant of it's weight or dimensions.


These modules bring many new features to SilverCart and are available free of charge. Feel free to donate some pizza or cool drinks, others have done it before you ;)