SilverCart + SilverStripe 3 preview

Will SilverCart be compatible with SilverStripe 3 preview ?

To be or not to be [compatible], that is the question. Of course there is only one way to find the answer. Sebastian installed SilverStripe 3 preview and it feels so good. Kudos to SilverStripe. It looked already great on the screenshots, but after getting my hands on it I can say that it feels even better than it looks.

The installation of SS3 preview itself was flawless.

Right after installation, we had to get rid of the "deprecated notices" by adjusting the error reporting. After having seen Sigurds talk we were very confident that SilverCart should work without too much hassle. As of now, all works fine except a white screen that occurs in conjuction with our shipping-class. We have not looked deeper into this issue and I am not sure if we will at this early stage. With so much being subject to change, it does not make much sense.

Sure enough there is quite some work ahead to make SilverCart compatible with SS3. We will have to refactor the code to get rid of the deprecated classes (e.g. ComplexTableField + Data Object Manager -> DataGrid) and some other issues.

But I am very confident that the work we have to invest to upgrade to SilverStripe 3.0 will pay off. The enhancements are just amazing and we are looking forward to really getting our hands on the code once it is at least "Alpha". Our plan is to have a fully compatible module as soon as possible after the official release of SilverStripe 3.0

The following image is a screenshot of my browser window while viewing an article from our demo store admin in SilverStripe 3 preview. Nevermind it's german. I scrambled the URL to prevent our staging box from exploding under heavy load :-)

SilverCart Store Admin in SilverStriep 3.0 Preview