SilverCart's documentation growing constantly

During the last week I spend a lot of time adding entries to the SilverCart documentation. Besides programming I like this work. It is not just writing down something I already know. Writing the documentation I get aware of features we actually have and features we should have, because I see SilverCart with the eyes of an administrator or shop owner. Another benefit of writing a documentation is that I learn how features work that Sebastian, Sascha or Ramon implemented. Reviewing the code might even lead to bug detection.

In this work period I added the following pages:

  • Userbase
    • The SilverCart Handbook
      • Email Management
      • Product management
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Order Management
      • Customer Management
      • SilverCart's System Updates
      • Shipping Method Management
      • Modules for SilverCart
        • Payment Modules
          • iPayment
          • PayPal
          • Prepayment
I am always happy for feedback. If I missed a theme You are urgently looking for please let me know.