SilverCart "released" on bitbucket

I can't believe I'm writing the first blog entry to SilverCart! We had been quiet busy these days with the release of our own ecommerce module for SilverStripe. I'm always tempted to say "webshop" instead of "ecommerce" because we germans do have our own english. Maybe a language pack "en_DE" could be of good use. Man am I easy to distract when I'm excited :)

We already did some important fixes to the module. Instead of releasing an new version, which demands packaging, creating new checksums, uploading files, etc we released our mercurial repository on bitbucket. This was done seamlessly because we used mercurial already. Without registering yourself at bitbucket you can view commits, commit messages, changesets and a wiki. I like that, it feels just good. Now anyone can work with the same codebase we are working with.