SilverCart presentation in London

Some weeks ago, Rich Johnson from GPMD invited us to the UK SilverStripe CMS User Group in London to present our SilverStripe E-Commerce module SilverCart. Roland and me will fly over to London* to do the presention and to have some fun work and do some research.

The  UK SilverStripe CMS User Group has over 100 members and is the world's largest SilverStripe User Group. The group was initiated by the official SilverStripe partner GPMD.

Here's what will be covered in our presentation:

  1. Brief introduction of pixeltricks
  2. Motivation behind SilverCart
  3. SilverCart Features
  4. SilverCart storefront demo
  5. SilverCart backend demo
  6. Roadmap
  7. Questions & Answers

We are looking forward to meeting other SilverStripe enthusiasts.

You can find more information at the meetup website:


* Since it is actually cheaper & faster for us to get to London than it is to get to Hamburg this surely will not be the last hike to the UK.