SilverCart has jumped to version 1.1

One of the most fun things in software development is writing the change log. For weeks and months the team has worked hard to improve the software. Everybody was lost in details, the fight with bugs, the implementing of features and the visual design of small template snippets. Now is the time to see what has been achieved and how much our product has grown.Here are the changes we made to our ecommerce module for everyone to see:


  • Registered customers can manage as many addresses as they want.
  • Product detail pages are shown in the google sitemap. (Please use the tip version of the googlesitemaps module).
  • Widgets that are easily configurable in the store admin: Free text, shopping cart, login, products from a group, group navigation, product search.
  • Minimum order value for checkout added.
  • Test data can be set up by pressing one button in the store admin.
  • Test configuration can be set up by pressing one button in the store admin.
  • Product groups per page can be configured on the product group holder.
  • Product export and import with all database fields including ID, relation ID.
  • Product export routines with callback functions.
  • Product exporter scheduled tasks.
  • Added Apache Solr support for the search results page: Phonetically similar results are returned, too.
  • Stock quantity management.
  • 'My Account' dashboard that shows the most current orders, the invoice and delivery address and some personal data of the customer with links to the appropriate sections.


  • All texts are i18n now.
  • The edit address form validates for required fields.
  • Search resuts page shows total number of products found.
  • All existing language files fall back to american english if no matches are found.
  • All unit test of Sapphire and the CMS run if SIlverCart is installed.
  • Fix many translation issues.
  • Shopping cart returns the right tax amounts.
  • The breadcrumbs reflect the path a customer went through the categories instead of the absolute category of a product. This is important if a product is mirrored into another category.


  • The default layout is more pretty. CSS3 is used to design corners and gradients though it still works on out of date browsers like IE6/7.
  • Search for products in the store admin enhanced.
  • Some templates are partially cached for a better performance.
  • Replaced usages of the GroupedDropdownField with our own implementation because it could not cope with deeply nested structures.
  • Fields that must not be changed in the store admin are read only now.
  • A product may have many images.
  • There is a british english translation. Thanks to Phill Price.
  • Shop emails can have many standard receipients.
  • Removed usages of methods from the PHP::BCMath module because some hosting providers do not have that module installed.
  • Page types have icons in the backend.
  • Removed unused templates.
  • Checkout process was redesigned for less mouse clicks.
  • Divided access management for payment methods into three parts (basic, groups and users). Added ruleset so that a shop owner can define how many orders a customer must have completed with which status before a payment method is activated for him/her.
  • Pagination for product groups.
  • Registered customers can create/update/delete addesses in the checkout.
  • Payment method logos can be added via store admin and are shown on the checkout.
  • Website name and tagline are now respected in the template.
  • Shopping cart button in header navigation shows sum of position quantities instead of sum of positions.
  • The fields firstname and surname of the order addresses in the storeadmin are searchable now.
We very curious what you are saying about SilverCart 1.1. Please leave a comment or check out our forum.