SilverCart 1.3.7 ready for downlad

We have released SilverCart 1.3.7. It comes with some great enhancements. In this release, we put a lot of work into the API (SilvercartRestfulServer) to support OscWare. Even though there is still some work to do, we already support the interface to export orders to Lexware.

There are also some usabililty enhancements and of course a bunch of bugfixes.

Revision until: 2345


  • Removed delimiter from SilvercartProductCsvBulkLoader, so the standard comma gets used for imports.
  • Removed SilvercartMetrics and dashboard fields and templates.
  • Changed submitButtonToolTip of SilvercartIncrementPositionQuantityForm and SilvercartDecrementPositionQuantityForm.
  • Enhanced add-address handling in checkout step 2.
  • SilvercartRestfulServer gained support for Members, Groups, SilvercartPaymentMethod and SilvercartShippingMethod.
  • Finished documentation for Restful API and blacklisted some Group fields.
  • Added check for api call before adding blacklist fields for SilvercartRestfulServer.
  • Added a custom action doSearch for SilvercartQuickSearchForm.


  • Updated i18n file ru_RU.php.
  • A products EAN is searchable in frontend now.
  • Skip behavior of shipping and payment step is configurable in backend now.
  • Enhanced add to cart function.
  • A hint is displayed on a add-to-cart-form when the product is already in cart.
  • The quantity can be directly set on a products add-to-cart-form.
  • SilvercartCachePrimer can now handle multiple locales to prime cache for.
  • Added posibility to choose whether to display the shipping fees maximum weight in kilogram or gram.
  • SilvercartRestfulServer works for SilvercartOrder, SilvercartOrderPosition and Member classes now.
  • Added documentation.


  • SilvercartProductCsvBulkLoader could crash when SilvercartProductMirrorGroupIDs contained an empty value.
  • AddToCart actions on product detail pages redirect to the detail page now.
  • SilvercartActionHandler passes all post-request params to SilvercartShoppingCart::addProduct now (important for variants).
  • Edit address works again.
  • Product variant fields work on search results page now.
  • Group views respect the settings 'Default product list view' and 'Allow only default view' in SilvercartProductGroupPage correctly now.
  • Fixed average time calculation for a thread.
  • Page of product group page will be restored after adding a product to cart.
  • Fixed inheritance of DefaultGroupHolderView and UseOnlyDefaultGroupHolderView from SilvercartProductGroupHolder.
  • Added condition to check whether the method getCacheRelevantFields exists on a DataObject or not before calling it.
  • Fixed order position duplication error when using SumModification based on the productValue for a payment method.


  • SilvercartActionHandler::addToCart handles get requests for productID and -Quantity again.
  • Fixed a minor i18n issue.
  • Fixed CSS class name of a SilvercartTextAutoCompleteField (and its inherited classes) when using its SmallFieldHolder.
  • Editing of addresses works for business and non-business adresses as well now.
  • Fixed groupview inheritance behaviour if no default ist set.
  • Fixed call to a not existing property in shipping fees page template.
  • Shopping cart positions related to a product will be deleted when the product is deleted or deactivated.
  • Added method 'OriginalLink' to SilvercartProductGroupPage_Controller.
  • SilvercartRestfulServer doesn't throw notices anymore in CLI context.


  • Added some css rules.
  • Fixed some doc typo.
  • SilvercartRestfulServer Provide possibility to login in via basic auth.
  • Return correct error code if no api access is given.
  • Added possibility to add blacklist fields to SilvercartRestfulServer.
  • Reduced cache dir level to 1.