SilverCart 1.3.5 released

SilverCart 1.3.5 is our first release for 2013. We recommend all users of SilverCart to upgrade to the current version.

Without further ado, here is the list of enhancements and bugfixes:


  • Added possibility to add HTML output to via SilvercartPage_Controller::injectHtmlCode.
  • Added UserAgent blacklist configuration. MINOR-ENHANCEMENT Removed Apache Solr parts.
  • Added hook to update a products related tax object by decorator (updateSilvercartTax).
  • Added possibility to add Google Conversion Tracking Code to SiteConfig. Google Conversion Tracking Code will be added to the order confirmation pages output.
  • Addad JS side event listener to detect a tab change in browser.
  • Changed relation from SilvercartPaymentMethod from to SilvercartHandlingCost from has_one to has_many and allow SilvercartZones for SilvercartHandlingCosts.
  • Added possibility to set country dependant handling costs for a payment method.
  • Added mechanism to check for a software update of the SilverCart core.


  • Added silent mode property to SilvercartTask.
  • Added logging to SilvercartTask default error and info handling.
  • If silent mode is active, errors and infos will no more be printed to output.
  • Outsorced form registration for productGroupPage views into own method that can be overwritten by decorators.
  • Added SilvercartMoney class.
  • Added method getProtocol to SilvercartPage.
  • Removed JsValidationScrolling from checkout forms.
  • Added method to get a raw map of a DataObject (SilvercartDataObject::toRawMap(), accessible on any DataObject).


  • Moved cms field for SilvercartPaymentMethod::isActive onto the top of the input form.


  • DateRangePicker in SilvercartOrderAdmin works correctly now.
  • SilvercartLanguageDropdownField javascript works correctly now.
  • Fixed required attribute filter in SilvercartProductGroupPage::ActiveSilvercartProducts() to support all required attributes instead of price only.
  • Product links in a non default locale context are supporting the context of mirrored product group breadcrumbs now.
  • Slidorion widget will stop animation when switching tabs in browser now.
  • SilvercartPaymentMethod::setShippingAddressByCheckoutData() checks for Packstation now.
  • In some cases the controller for SilvercartShoppingCartPosition forms would not be correct. Introduced BackLinkPageID for those forms.
  • Fixed CanView permission check of SilvercartOrder
  • Fixed escaped view of addresses with special chars in checkout.
  • Fixed check for existing email when editing the member profile data.


  • Company and TaxIdNumber will now be displayed in backend order details
  • Added missing sapphire JS i18n entry for TABLEFIELD.DELETECONFIRMMESSAGE . Prompt for deletions of a DataObject got a german translation