SilverCart 1.3.3 is available for download

The latest SilverCart Version 1.3.3 is done and available for download. We recommend to update to this version, since it comes with important bugfixes and also some enhancements you don't want to miss.

Since we are heavily involved in projects for our clients, there are a lot of contributions flowing back to SilverCart. Most likely we'll publish another update in december. Work on SilverCart 2 for SilverStripe 3 has stalled a bit, since Roland is busy with some - at least for us - essential pull requests for SilverStripe core and the rest of us is involved in projects. We're already working with SilverStripe 3 (3 published CMS projects so far, including the completely revamped german website for SilverCart) and thus gaining important insights each day.

If you have used SilverCart before, are using it right now or plan to use it: please let us know about your experience with our shopsoftware. If you are live already with a project, we'd love to feature it in a showcase.

Without further ado, here is the changelog for SilverCart 1.3.3


  • Increased performance of SIlverCart by adding cache options for product lists
  • Increased performance of SilverCart by optimizing some product and product group specific methods
  • Quantity units can have a definable number of decimal places now (suitable for adding e.g. 4,5 meters of cloth to the shopping cart)
  • A tax rate can now be set as default; the default tax rate will be presetted for all relevant backend creationforms
  • Added basic decorator to decorate all DataObjects
  • Implemented basic system to provide a DataObject quick preview summary to display in a model admin
  • Added admin quick preview for SilvercartOrder
  • Order positions can now be edited in the backend
  • Added hook to update the search results pages list filters by decorator
  • Removed fields from SilvercartImage. Fixed fieldLables for SilvercartImage.
  • Added method to get all valid shipping fees dependant on a product, country and customer group
  • Added new widget 'SilvercartProductGroupChildProductsWidget'.
  • Added methods for plugin providers for SilvercartOrder.


  • Default backend menucodes are in the right i18n context when switching to a non-default cms languagenow
  • Fixed i18n issues with DateRangePicker and Batch Actions
  • SilvercartProductGroupManufacturersWidget doesn't show up in product detail views anymore.
  • Fixed initial javascript validation for anonymous checkout shipping address when PACKSTATION is active
  • Anonymous user gets now logged out if he triggers a changepassword action
  • EditProfileForm checks if a changed email address already exists, moved callback toSilvercartFormValidation class
  • Fixed email validation in customer data forms
  • Fixed malfunction of payment method default records when using a non default locale
  • CacheKey where clause specified for  'SilvercartProductGroupChildProductsWidget'.
  • Country info is displayed on address cards in checkout now.
  • Shipment checkout steps shows delivery country info now.
  • Description texts for payments may contain HTML code now.


  • Limited max height of autocomplete field sources to 200px (scrollable);
  • Tiny code cleanups
  • Added i18n dependant data format to i18n files
  • Removed autoscrolling from SilvercartSearchWidgetForm
  • Added a field label to SilvercartOrder
  • Some minor backend css changes
  • Fixed fieldLables for SilvercartImage.
  • A user who changes his password gets now redirected to MyAccountHolder Page after submit
  • A user gets now redirected to the address overview page if he deletes a address
  • Adjusted some german translations
  • Added CacheKey to 'SilvercartProductGroupChildProductsWidget'.
  • Added class variable to widgets to determine if the widget divs should be rendered.
  • Added setter for ProductsPerPageOptions in SilvercartConfig with option to include all products
  • Shipment checkout steps shows delivery country info now.
  • Description texts for payments may contain HTML code now.
  • Disabled SecurityID for SilvercartQuickSearchForm to prevent malfunction when session timed out
  • Some minor polishing

You can download it in our download section or use our hosted demo to have your own webshop installation up and running in minutes.