SilverCart 1.3.2 is published

It's that time of the year again. While it's getting cold outside we were busy working on SilverCart 1.3.2 in our comfortable office.

You can download SilverCart 1.3.2 in our download section or you can try our hosted demo and have your webshop up and running in no time.



  • if there is only one shipping method in the checkout, the shipping method will be predefined and the checkout step will be skipped (same for payment methods)
  • added possibility to update ChargesAndDiscountsForTotal of payment method by decorator
  • added hooks to update an orders and / or the carts TaxTotal; Shipping / payment step will not be displayed in step navigation if there is only one available
  • added possibility to extend the editable shopping carts table by plugin; enhanced plugin handling for DataObjectSet return values
  • added possibility to update a products short and long description; added casting to get MSR price nice for table list fields;
  • ForgotPasswordEmail is now editable in the backend
  • orders can now be filtered by street, streetnumber, postcode and city
  • prepared table list field batch options css for context form fields
  • added some additional accessors for TaxableAmountWithoutFees and TaxableAmountWithFees
  • added possibility to provide quick access data to use in a editable table list field; added quick access data for orders
  • major enhancement of search result relevance
  • enhanced view of an editables table list fields quick access data
  • massive enhancement of the product search results relevance
  • Added ability to switch to a strict search relevance via silvercart config and show only exact search matches
  • added basic mechanism to inject custom model admin sidebar form (implemented for SilvercartOrder)
  • shipping address will now be injected into SilvercartShippingMethod::getAllowedShippingMethods() in checkout
  • added list of additional email recipients to SilvercartShopEmails summary fields
  • errors can be shown consistently in checkout now.
  • Checkout session data gets cleared now on non-checkout pages.
  • default email recipients can now be configured in the backend; default admin email will now only be used as fall back
  • restructured breadcrumbs methods with ability to get them as DataObjectSet for use in controls;
  • Added possibility to register WidgetSet containers instead of hardcoded WidgetSetContent and WidgetSetSidebar containers.
  • WidgetSet handling for productgroup pages adjusted to new flexible system.
  • Added support for packstation address data
  • added method to get all active countries
  • order address are editable in the backend now
  • added status IsSeen to SilvercartOrder to detect whether an order already has been opened in the backend or not
  • added SilvercartExactMatchBooleanMultiFilter to be able to filter orders with multiple order status and different boolean indicators (show orders with status a, b and c or show orders without status d, e and f)
  • added order log history to view data and time of an status changes
  • added shopping cart methods to get amounts dependent of the members price type (external handling is not needed anymore)
  • Widgets get sorted inside widget sets for WidgetAreas, not inside the WidgetArea itself.
  • A shipping fee can have an individual free of shipping cost from value; free shipping can now be disabled for an individual shipping fee
  • SubnavigationWidget gained ability to display configurable hierarchy.
  • Added SilvercartProductGroupManufacturesWidget.
  • ProductGroupHolder allows to define standard list views now.


  • fixed payment step when only one payment method is available
  • fixed potential negative order tax amount when an orders total value is 0
  • fixed shopping carts total amount for some potential negative cases
  • plugin provider for a products cart form can now handle multiple plugins
  • fixed total count of orders displayed in SilvercartEditableTableListField by adding the sourceClass ID as disrinct count column
  • added some javascript code to prevent malfunction of slidorian widget
  • removed deprecated quick search field javascript which caused some strange behavior (for some cases)
  • added getField() methods to all dataobjects which can be manipulated by a customer to prevent multiple escaping;
  • widget sets are relatable to product groups again
  • removed products dataobject sort mechanism (sort order is executed in database now)#
  • fixed possibility of non initialized variable in SilvercartProduct.php
  • replaced deprecated SilvercartProduct:: with SilvercartProduct:: call; Added conditon to only recalculate an order if there is already a related one when saving an order position
  • extended shopping cart constructor will not be called in an isolated environment anymore
  • the invoice and shipping addresses country will now be injected by using the correct relation name SilvercartCountry
  • SilvercartCheckoutStep3 is now hidden in step list if there is only 1 allowed shipping method
  • fillInRequestValues gets called on register custome form now;
  • fixed malfunction of widget set relation out of the backend
  • InsertWidgetArea doesn't crash on Security pages anymore.
  • Modified javascript validation of anonymous addresses in the checkout
  • fixed OrderPositionIsLimit filter for orders with charges or discounts
  • fixed error when trying to limit an order search result without results
  • fixed javascript address form initialization; MINOR: changed updateFormFields extension call in SilvercartCheckoutFormStep2Anonymous
  • SilvercartImage on BeforeDelete checks for valid related Image now, so that no exception is thrown anymore.
  • Fixed packstation handling
  • order status batch works again
  • SilvercartProductGroupPage → isFilteredByManufacturer() could crash when saving the page in the CMS.
  • Auto loading of a model admins results table will now be automatically prevented if an edit or add form is directly called by url

Minor changes

  • added some i18n values
  • added casting to get an address full name; added hooks to decorate an orders shipping and invoice address summary
  • some minor php doc charset changes
  • removed irrelevant SPGMSO sort for products
  • added some icons
  • added default order status new and canceled
  • some minor css changes to display import specs
  • checkout step titles are now displayed correctly
  • added possibility to disable the decorator update mechanism of SilvercartOrder::getShippingAddressSummary() and SilvercartOrder::getInvoiceAddressSummary(); some minor backend css additions
  • added OrderNumber and CustomersEmail to direct accessible template vars for order status emails
  • added second condition to determine whether to shop the shipping method step inside the checkout step navigation
  • changed submit button title of SilvercartCheckoutFormStep2Anonymous
  • added packstation fields to order the backend
  • added ability to change the title of a subnavigation widget via backend uses fieldlabel as fallback;
  • added CacheKey for SubNavigation widget.
  • Added check for title attribute to SilvercartProductGroupManufacturesWidget template.

Enhanced order management in SilverCart 1.3.2

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