SilverCart 1.2 is released

We are proud to release SilverCart 1.2. We're working hard to make SilverCart the best eCommerce module available for SilverStripe.

After reviewing almost 300 commit messages in our version control system, I hereby present the changelog of our brand new SilverCart 1.2.

It is great to see how much work was done by Sascha, Sebastian, Patrick, Ramon and me since our release of version 1.1. The most important things are that SilverCart is now a child's play to install and the backend with some enhancements in usability.

On top of that there are many new features. This work was partially driven by the feedback we got from the community (yes, that means you!) that uses SilverCart in productive projects already.


  • Product images get zoomed with Fancybox (JS)
  • Grouped the configuration options of the Config object semantically in tabs; possibility to toggle the old view
  • Deeplinks
  • Inbound shopping cart transfer
  • Frontend messaging system (Notices)
  • Google Taxonomie
  • Product conditions (SilvercartProductCondition)
  • Widget System
  • Subnavigation configurable with widget
  • Added new widget for displaying the latest blog posts
  • default widget sets are created with example data
  • Product group pages can now obtain their Content text from a parent in the SiteTree hierarchy. This is configurable in the backend and by default off
  • Added possibility to choose the shown number of products on product group pages
  • Added possibility to register filter plugins
  • multiple attachments can now be added to SilvercartShopEmail
  • Added possibility to import images from a webserver directory in the product administration section of the storeadmin
  • If a product is added to the cart a redirect to the cart page can be configured via backend
  • Added SilvercartOrderPlugin mechanism
  • CSS and JS files will now be merged in live mode (one CSS and one JS file).
  • added database optimization button to backend; Relations to objects that do not exist any more get deleted.
  • Added plugin system for SilverCart core objects
  • Added anythingslider
  • Javascript and CSS files that are added via Requirements::themedCSS/javascript can now contain Silverstripe template engine code blocks just like any .ss file
  • added optional js auto loading for the first entry of a managed models table list field. This is useful especially for the configuration object.


  • Installation process has only two steps left: copying the files and entering the database credentials
  • Added output of minimum order value to shopping cart page
  • The whole default layout was redesigned for usability and sexiness
  • backend divided in administration and configuration
  • SilvercartProductExporter can now operate on very large datasets and needs a lot less resources by using DB::query instead of DataObject::get
  • Class SilvercartCustomerCategory and all dependencies removed; we are using the class Group instead
  • SSL-configuration option is now used in the 'my account' section
  • SSL-configuration option is now used registration page
  • Increased performance for the SilverCartProduct admin CSV export
  • The product import works with larger datasets now thanks to a stripped down version of the importer
  • SilvercartProduct CSV importer uses slicing mechanism for importing large datasets
  • Product importer moved to cgi based importing
  • Search for firstname and surname of invoice and shipping address in order admin is possible now
  • added PackagingQuantity to SilvercartProduct to display the content of a product package (e.g. 'Content: 6 pieces')
  • Product export and import support SilverCartProductGroupMirrorPages and SilvercartTaxID now; MINOR Fixed translation for SilvercartCountryAdmin fields
  • Removed Double-Opt-In option from registration process
  • added Double-Opt-In to newsletter registration
  • Multiple images can now be manually imported for one product
  • Search results page provides 'products per page' setting and allows filter plugins similar to the product group pages
  • Added possibility to gather widgets from parent pages to all SilvercartPage descendants
  • Import of product images from a directory can now handle multiple images for a product with a consecutive number separated from the base filename by '__'. Existing product images get updated
  • reordered the CMS fields of products with tabs and tab sets to have a better overview and a semantical structure of fields
  • list description and long description fields of a product have less rows. This improves the overview on small displays
  • new, sexy and revamped template ;-)


  • CSV exports replaced HTML tags in product descriptions with special chars, so that a re-import broke the product descriptions
  • Fields with embedded double quote characters are now treated correctly
  • When the min and max amount for a payment method were set they were not respected
  • When clicking on 'Add to cart' the maximum number of available items is added to the cart instead of 1
  • The SEO tab in the CMSFields_forPopup of a product jumped around because there were too many tabs
  • Quick login from product detail page is now possible.
  • product group sort order changed after saving the first product group in the store admin;
  • If a result set of the search form is shown the add to cart form is missing
  • pagination position is remembered after an addCartForm has been called
  • Fixed missing internationalisationShort description on product detail page displays HTML tags correctly now
  • In product detail view the second last segment of breadcrumbs was lost
  • product group holder lists and tiles don't count inactive products anymore when displaying the number of products in a product group
  • link to the registration form on the login widget did not work
  • anonymous customers will now get a customer number when ordering
  • Images tab in products was not shown if lang was english
  • Forms work in Security section now (eg Security/login)