SilverCart code is hosted on bitbucket

We have decided to host our public facing code repository along with the project wiki and issue tracking on bitbucket.

Even though we are aware that SilverStripe itself and the majority of SilverStripe developers have accounts on github, we chose to go another path.

The decision was mainly driven by these 3 factors:

  1. We use Mercurial already
    There is nothing wrong with other decentralized version control systems like git, perforce and bazaar and we have no intention to start a flamewar. But we made a decision back in 2010, and based on the former state of these respective tools, we went with mercurial. While your mileage may vary, the striking argument for us was the neat integration with our preferred PHP IDE Netbeans. Of course there are ways to have git and mercurial talk to each other, but we like to keep things simple and efficient.
  2. Bitbucket offers more features
    When we looked into project management software, documentation systems, issue tracking, continuous integration tools, we noticed that it is really hard to ignore Atlassian and their toolkit. As bitbucket was aquired by Atlassian, some of these tools were offered along with bitbucket. It is awesome to have a project wiki at the same place with your code. It is awesome to have issue tracking along with your code. It is even more awesome to have commits linked to issues and tickets. It is also great to have the whole shebang downloadable in one file, not cloning a repository for jumpstart users.
  3. It looks nicer
    If we consider the beauty and simplicity of the GUI as a major reason to chose SilverStripe as a CMS, we just cannot ignore this argument when evaluating other tools.

We don't think there is one CMS, one ecommerce module, one IDE, one programming language, one DVCS or one code hosting platform to rule them all. And we don't think there should one be, either.