New documentation online

Today we published our new documentation under "", providing a much better experience for users and developers in search for information on SilverCart.

We used the DokuWiki wiki system which provides some neat features for writing documentation out of the box. It took us about two days to migrate the existing documentation from Silverstripe to DokuWiki and adjust the wiki frontend to our needs. And that's part of the answer to the inevitable question why we don't continue to use Silverstripe as technical base for the documentation.

Why don't we continue to use Silverstripe for documentation?

Truth is we don't have the resources for building all the missing features for Silverstripe as a documentation platform at the moment. Our feeling is that we should use our time for writing the documentation, not building the technical base for doing so :)

Alas we hope that with the easier reading, searching and editing abilities the documentation for SilverCart will continue to grow and benefit you - our users and developers.