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Moving from bitbucket to github

When we started to develop SilverCart back in 2010 we chose Mercurial over git because it was the better choice for our needs. As a consequence, we hosted our code on bitbucket. In the following years git continued to gain steam and more and more developers preferred to use git over hg. After a while, the whole SilverStripe community was on github while we were still refusing to make the move. Until now.

We are currently working to migrate our public SilverCart Mercurial repositories to github. Additionally, we will use the public issues to finally add transparency to our development and bug fixing process. 

There is nothing wrong with Mercurial. We still love Mercurial and we wished that we could find a solution to stick with it. But in reality, working internally with hg and externally with git will lead to problems and create more problems than it will solve. So the decision to switch to git is just based on the SilverStripe community and basically all infrastructure being dedicated to git. 

The code for SilverCart and is modules will soon be available at https://github.com/silvercart