More news about SilverCart 1.3

Some weeks ago I moved to a new house with my family. All the work regarding the relocation kept me so busy that there was no time left for SilverCart. Though I still read the mercurial commit messages I was really surprised when Sascha showed me all the changes on friday. I will try now to recall them for you to give you a taste of 1.3.

  • The backends top navigation has completely changed for more overview and intuitive user interaction. There are only 5 list items left. If you hover them you get to a second level navigation. Before we had 10 and more list items depending on which modules were installed.
  • There is less work for you in the prices tab because you do not have to enter the currency any more. Instead the system currency is shown configured in the general configurations. Sebastian created a SilvercartMoney class for that.
  • The product detail view in the backend has only first level tabs. Sascha and Sebastian ordered the input fields in columns which is not possible with SilverStripe scaffolding behavior. This is also a performance improvement.
  • We do not use the DataObject manager module any more. There were too many JS script problems because we offer many non standard AJAX functionallity in the backend like autoloading of DataObjects. Furthermore, there is one requirement less for the installation. I think with SilverStripe 3.0 the dataobjectmanager will be obsolete anyways.
  • SilverCart is 100% multilingual now. Any language dependant product attribute can be added in many languages. We have a multilingual shop project and work with much effort on this frequently asked feature.

Download the tip of SilverCart to get a taste of the new system. We are looking forward to your feedback.