Installation screencast released

IMPORTANT: The installation procedure has changed as of SilverCart 1.2. This screencast applies only to SilverCart 1.0 + 1.1.


To cope with the dozens of silverstripe installations on our development server we have a tight installation workflow and a certain environment management. This saves us a lot of time. Usually I do not run the silverstripe installer and I do not use a local server. When we got our first feedback on silvercart people had a lot of problems that I never experienced. So I tried to install silvercart 0.9 on my localhost the way I described it on the installation instructions and tadaa: It did not work! First I was depressed but suddenly I realized that I found the reason that stopped developers for knocking down our doors to get our beloved silvercart.

To make the installation process easier we did a lot of changes to the code, and I produced my first screencast that describes the installation process of silvercart.

I'm looking forward to Your feedback!