Happy Easter with SilverCart 1.3.6

Just in time for easter: SilverCart 1.3.6 is done. We recommend all users of SilverCart to upgrade to the current version.

Here is the list of enhancements and bugfixes (valid until Revision 2251)



  • SilvercartCarrier, -ShippingFee and -ShippingMethod gained a priority field for sorting purposes.
  • SilvercartTask is now able to handle threads (one task can open many threads to run in background now). Added general tmp folder handling.
  • Enhanced image upload routine in image admin, product context, widget context and payment context.
  • Customer groups can now be added to a product export.
  • Added dot notated callback support for SilvercartProductExporter.
  • Disabled caching in dev mode (set lifetime to 1 second).
  • Added task to prime the cache of URLs listed in sitemap.xml by simply calling them.
  • Added documentation in markdown format.
  • Added special DB property 'LastEditedForCache' to SilvercartDataObject to use for cache keys.
  • Added cache relevant fields to SilvercartProduct and SilvercartProductLanguage.
  • Added possibility to extend the csv export in product admin.
  • Added possibility to add HTML before a products detail data by using updateBeforeProductHtmlInjections in a products decorator.
  • Added possibility to add HTML after a products detail data by using updateAfterProductHtmlInjections in a products decorator.
  • Business addresses can now be used on anonymous checkout.



  • Check if getRegisteredCustomHtmlForms exists on current controller.
  • Replaced method_exists check with hasMethod in SilvercartShoppingCartPosition.
  • SilvercartShippingMethod::getAllowedShippingFeesFor() works in any user context now (including extensions).
  • Fixed crash of SilvercartProductExport task in case of no active exportes.
  • Modified SilvercartProduct::canView() to return always false if a product is not active and the current environment is not in backend (important to prevent inactive products to be displayed in sitemap.xml).
  • If a product detail view is called on SilvercartSearchResultsPage, there will be a redirect to 404 error page.
  • Slidorion widget image relations won't be deleted when a widgetset will be saved.
  • Loadingmask for widgets gets hidden after load reliably now.



  • In SilvercartSubNavigationWidget show child pages only when ShowInMenus is set.
  • Fixed field label of SilvercartImage ImageUploadField.
  • SilvercartCheckoutFormStep2Anonymous extends SilvercartAddressForm now instead of SilvercartAddressFormStep.
  • LanguageSelector contains links for search engines now.
  • Added check for ErrorPage_Controller in SilvercartPage->init() when deleting checkout session data.
  • Added workaround to JS of SilvercartTextAutoCompleteField and SilvercartHasManyTextAutoCompleteField to prevent a potential jQuery based JS error.



  • Some minor css corrections for /Security/login.
  • Removed SilvercartCustomHtmlFormAdmin (outsourced to CustomHtmlForm module).
  • Some minor enhancements/fixes in SilvercartLeftAndMain.
  • Added list-style-type disc to a product LongDescriptions ul.
  • Added SilvercartRestfulServer. Made SilvercartOrder accessible via API.
  • Removed CMS field for LastEditedForCache.



  • Removed RequirementsEngine call for CustomHtmlForm's jquery.js.
  • Refactored checkout step forms to work with the current CustomHtmlForm.
  • Added possibility to add positions to the cart and order that are included in the total price.
  • SilvercartRestfulServer works now.
  • Added page 'revocation instruction' with SilvercartUpdate.
  • Changed link on checkout confirmation page.
  • Added handler for none default CustomHtmlForm actions.
  • Added central addToCart action for add-to-cart forms.
  • Some minor code enhancements of SilvercartHasManyTextAutoCompleteField.
  • A product-add-cart-form will now be registered automatically if not done before calling SilvercartProduct::productAddCartForm().
  • Added SilvercartBridgeTextAutoCompleteField to handle bridged many_many relations in backend.
You can get your copy of SilverCart 1.3.6 in our download section

We wish you lots of success with SilverCart and happy easter!