Download section renewed

As I was in the office last week Sebastian showed me the new download section he was working on. With some mouse clicks you can customize yourself a download package with SilverCart and depending modules. You do not have to worry any longer how to rename module directories or where to put them because the package just has to be copied to your server or working directory. In the past, many problems were caused by wrong directories or missing modules or wrong module versions. Today I learned by browsing that this feature is online for a better user experience. Under all the project workload in the office Sebastian still finds the time to think about such problems and finding a solution for them.

Sascha is in the same situation regarding the work duties, but he still found the time to reorganize the documentation. We tried to realize the docu section with SilverStripe, but the result we came up with did not satisfy us. It would have taken us two to three days to build a documentation module for SilverStripe but we decided rather to concentrate our development efforts on SilverCart. DokuWiki is a good and establised tool which SilverStripe itself used for its documentation. It has some disadvantages like the markup, which is very buggy on mobile devices, but it has a nice UI making documenting fun. This is very important as developers hate writing documentation ;)

What I wanted to say: Sebastian, Sascha, you guys rock! *slime*