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Topic paypal error.. need assistance if possible 2048 Views

paypal error.. need assistance if possible

17 November 2011 at 7:31am Last edited: 17 November 2011 7:35am

Hello, Im having a problem with the paypal checkout. It tries to connect to paypal but can quite get through.

The error paypal gives is
'This transaction is invalid. Please return to the recipient's website to complete your transaction using their regular checkout flow."

The log file says the 'Security header is not valid'.

From what ive read online suggests the api credentials may not be right however ive set and reset them.

One last thing...any way to improve the speed of the module. Seems to slow IE down to a crawl while looking through the site. Firefox seems exceptable.

Any help or suggestions as to a fix would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

And great job with the cart. Looks great. I just need to figure out what im doing.

Re: paypal error.. need assistance if possible

17 November 2011 at 9:08am

Hi Markos,

this Paypal error usually occurs when providing false api credentials. Please make sure that your password / signature contains all characters (especially dots, those often don't get copied).

The Paypal module writes a log which is located at "{PATH_TO_YOUR_SILVERCART_INSTALLATION}/silvercart/log/SilvercartPaymentPaypal.log". If you're credentials are correct the next step would be to post the fitting part of the log or send it to me per email (skoehler [at] pixeltricks [dot] de), so that we can further investigate.

Regarding the IE speed issue we'll be looking into that; it seems there are some files that are not found which increases the overall load time drastically. A bugfix update will follow soon :)


Re: paypal error.. need assistance if possible

18 November 2011 at 7:33am

Hi Sascha

Thanks for the quick response.
So as youve suggested Ive updated my API credentials a few times with no success. However I did notice the error in the logfiles had changed. Here is part of the log file....

2011-11-17 23:22:59 - Method: 'processReturnJumpFromPaymentProvider' - array (
'url' => '/liberatedlivingss/webshop/checkout/',
'PastMember' => '1',
'PHPSESSID' => 'sreltu4mls9avl671ep2f6uqm1',
2011-11-17 23:23:35 - Method: 'fetchPaypalToken' - array (
'TIMESTAMP' => '2011-11-18T06:23:35Z',
'CORRELATIONID' => '474d53619e59d',
'ACK' => 'Failure',
'VERSION' => '63',
'BUILD' => '2271164',
'L_ERRORCODE0' => '10729',
'L_SHORTMESSAGE0' => 'Shipping Address State Empty',
'L_LONGMESSAGE0' => 'The field Shipping Address State is required',
'L_SEVERITYCODE0' => 'Error',
2011-11-17 23:23:35 - Method: 'fetchPaypalToken' - array (
'VERSION' => '63',
'RETURNURL' => '',
'CANCELURL' => '',
'NOTIFYURL' => '',
'CUSTOM' => '',
'L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_NAME0' => '1 x PayPal',
'L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_DESC0' => 'The world\'s most loved way to pay and get paid.',

Im not sure which field is the shipping state field...but i think i have them all filled out in my test site.

First... Thanks again for looking this over.

Number 2...If there is anything I can help with let me know. Even if its just testing.



Re: paypal error.. need assistance if possible

18 November 2011 at 9:21am Last edited: 18 November 2011 9:21am

Hi Mark,

wow, this is great feedback. We did not realize that the PayPal API for your country requires other fields than we have to provide in the EU.

Obviously the "Shipping Address State" is missing and since we do not have to pass this information in the EU it is missing in your case.

You are doing a great job. We just can't test SilverCart with all that country specific settings. We'll look into that.


Re: paypal error.. need assistance if possible

18 November 2011 at 9:48am Last edited: 18 November 2011 9:57am

Hi Mark,

as Ramon said, your feedback is already helping a lot, thanks for taking the time to test and report :)

I could reproduce the problem; we are thinking about a module that provides the option to show a states selector throughout the whole shop (i.e. in the "my account" section, registration, checkout, emails, etc.).

In the meantime you can work around this bug by decorating the SilvercartAddress object with a $db field "State" (make sure it is written exactly like that) and extending the affected form objects with an additional selector.
A tutorial for doing that has been published by Sebastian a few days ago: (just replace the db-fields "MobilePhoneAreaCode" and "MobilePhone" with "State").

The Paypal module already sends this field when it is available on the SilvercartAddress object, so once you've done the steps above it should work fine.