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Documentation is Growing

Posted by: Roland Lehmann

The last weeks we all worked eagerly on the new version 1.1 of SilverCart. All the new features we added to our SilverStripe ecommerce module needed to be documented and so I dedicated myself to this job of diligence after all that brain work. The SilverCart Handbook offers the following new articles:


SilverCart has jumped to version 1.1

Posted by: Roland Lehmann

One of the most fun things in software development is writing the change log. For weeks and months the team has worked hard to improve the software. Everybody was lost in details, the fight with bugs, the implementing of features and the visual design of small template snippets. Now is the time to see what has been achieved and how much our product has grown.Here are the changes we made to our ecommerce module for everyone to see:


Adding a CMS Action to SilverStripe‘s ModelAdmin

Posted by: Roland Lehmann

About a year ago I read a tutorial on by Aram Balakjian about adding an action button to the CMS. Aram called it „the slightly hacky way“ because he „left“ the framework by working with the PHP global $_REQUEST.